44 creative cranberry recipes

The cranberry recipes are not Premier Keto only full of flavor and colors, they are also rich in oxidation and very good for you. Because of its tortilla, crunchy flavor and blueberries are versatile in sweet and delicious recipes.

44 creative cranberry recipes

Cranberries have been harvested in this country for more than 500 years. As one of the 10 best antioxidant foods, blueberries have been used over the years for many different natural remedies: by sailors to prevent scurvy, by Native Americans to calm the nerves and the day of urinary tract infection.

Important note: I recommend the use of natural sweeteners such as raw honey or real coconut sugar or organic maple syrup to get most of the nutrients from these recipes. You can also dairy products that contain goat weed or milk, or substitute table salt or sea salt, salt from the Himalayas, and substitute canola and vegetable oil with coconut oil or avocado oil or margarine replacement.

44 creative cranberry recipes
Even Premier Keto Diet with all the health benefits, blueberries are delicious. Its natural decline tends to delicious and sweet recipes. These are some of the favorite cranberry recipes that you can incorporate into your diet throughout the year.

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Recipes of blueberries – Dr. Ax
1. Cranberry apple juice
Ideal for a cold night, the cranberry juice recipe is naturally sweetened with apple juice and explodes with a warm seasoning flavor reminiscent of the holiday season. This apple cider gives you a set of antioxidants because both blueberries and cinnamon contain a high percentage of antioxidants. In summer, pour ice to get a refreshing refreshing drink. You should just enjoy this during the holidays.

2. Eat clean cranberry banana juice
Quickly and only three ingredients, this juice is as healthy as it is beautiful. Fresh blueberries, bananas and coconut milk are all you need to create this healthy and refreshing snack.

3. Cranberry Mimosa
Nothing says a party as a nice and bright drink. Choose a cocktail version and change the prosecco in this recipe with a sparkling juice or mineral water of your choice. Get all the health benefits of blueberries and enjoy a healthy cocktail and clown in the holiday season.

4. Cranberry Sparkler Dovetail
Quick, easy, elegant and full of antioxidants, this cocktail is perfect for breakfast or dinner. Fresh blueberries, fresh orange juice and liquid sweeteners are mixed and strained for a few hours to create this liquid liquid. When you are ready, pour كوب glass of juice into a champagne glass and lift it with sparkling water. It is a wonderful complement to any festive celebration.

5. homemade cranberry juice
The store-bought cranberry juice may be full of sugars and other ingredients that conflict with the health benefits found in cranberries. With this recipe, you only need three simple ingredients: water, blueberries and honey. Be sure to use raw honey to get the best nutritional value of homemade cranberry juice!

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