Aloe vera – the symbol of health and beauty

Aloe vera – the symbol of health and beauty
The cactus is a medicinal plant with a tradition of thousands of years. Whether to treat wounds, skin diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, joint pain, gingivitis or sunburn: aloe vera is all in physiotherapy. Many have been scientifically confirmed for a long time, so patience should not be lacking in any medication for the breast. But what’s better: cactus juice or cactus gel? What should you look for when buying aloe vera products? Is it possible to keep the cactus plant in the garden? And how can you make gel cactus on your own?

Aloe Vera – An exceptional medicinal plant
There are hundreds of cactus species, but there is only one cactus: the real cactus. It is one of the oldest medicinal plants known on Earth. The appearance of cactus is more cactus memories, but resembles the lily onion plant, and is therefore also called desert lily. Originally, the cactus probably comes from Arabia, but today it is felt in its native land, among others, in the Mediterranean, India and Mexico.

The peculiarity of the wild cactus is that it can live for several months without precipitation. This is because you can store in your leafy leaves, tanned leaves, an incredible amount of water, which feeds them in periodsĀ Enduro Stack of drought. The longer the dry season lasts, the less aloe vera is reduced, but when it rains again, it literally blows. This storage is due to a structure similar to a gel inside the leaves. This so-called aloe vera gel also helps the plant to heal itself by reducing and sealing its wounds (for example, cuts).

For thousands of years, these observations have probably given people the idea that it is a medicinal plant. Because if the plant can protect itself from drought and even damage, why does not its components benefit human skin in this way?

Cactus World Travel
The Sumerian and Egyptian records show that the cactus has been used medically for 5000 years. The ancient Egyptians described it as the plant of immortality and the blood of the gods. Use both Nefertiti and Cleopatra, which are looking for a soothing aloe vera gel to nourish your skin.

For the Egyptians, the ancient Greeks became aware of medicinal plants, for what they called z. Alexander the Great will treat the wounds of his fighters with cactus juice. In Asia, the cactus was propagated by ArabĀ Enduro Stack CANADA merchants. Among other things, he came to India and even to distant Japan, where the samurai rubbed their bodies against the core of the struggle to become vulnerable. In the tenth century, it is said that Aloe Vera was finally victorious in the United Kingdom, as it made its way throughout Europe and was taken by the Spaniards to South and Central America.

Today, Mexico is one of the main areas of growth, with most farmers working without fertilizers and pesticides. The Maya still equate aloe vera with the shamans and are convinced that the therapeutic properties are also due to the spirit of the plant. For example, it is still common in Mexico to suspend cactus leaves on the doors of homes and residences to prevent disease.

Of course, modern research is not limited to the idea that aloe vera has a useful vegetarian spirit. More interested in facts and figures.

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