Basic mental health concepts: types of mental illness, diagnosis, treatment and more


What is mental health?
Mental health refers to your emotional and mental health. Having good mental health helps you live a happy and relatively happy life. It helps you to demonstrate flexibility and ability to face the difficulties of life.

Your mental health can be affected by a variety tru garcinia 360 of factors, including life events or even inheritance.

There are many strategies that can help you create and maintain good mental health. These may include:

Keep a positive attitude
Stay physically active
Help the others
Get enough sleep
Eat a healthy diet
Ask for professional help with your mental health if you need it
Socialize with people you enjoy spending time with
Form and use effective skills to deal with your problems
What is mental illness?
Mental illness is a broad term that covers a wide range of conditions that affect the way you feel and think about them. It can also affect their ability to go beyond everyday life. Mental illness can be affected by several different factors, including:

Daily habits
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