BPA: the chemical in many plastics prevents weight loss

Easier weight
If women avoid foods and cosmetics that contain BPA, exposure to BPA is significantly reduced in less than three weeks, according to a November 2016 study. BPA is a chemical found in plastics that has a similar effect to the hormone. For this reason, the substance has been associated for years with hormonal imbalances and corresponding health problems. The weight gain can also be the result of BPA loading. However, if BPA is avoided, ToneSlim it will be easier to lose weight and thus reduce excess weight.

Sometimes, one tends to believe that some substances in the environment are not as harmful as is often mentioned. Nothing more than a tactic of intimidation, as one would think, is what the media does again.

BPA: the chemical in many plastics prevents weight loss

BPA plasticized (bisphenol A) is a substance. They are found in many appliances (boilers, coffee makers, water filters, etc.), but especially in many plastic containers, so they come in contact with everything that is prepared in these machines or is packaged with these plastics, either water, coffee or Cosmetics or personal care products or food.

Well, as many people think, it will be a small amount of body lotion, juice, water or canned soup. What can these minimum amounts do? Unfortunately, these small amounts are often enough to cause significant health problems.

Because bisphenol A is an endocrine disorder, a substance with a hormonal effect, more precisely, with an effect similar to estrogen, hormones or estrogen are characterized by the fact that they actually work in small amounts. For example, it can prevent weight loss.
Health damage caused by BPA
The supposed dominance of estrogen (an increase in estrogen for progesterone) is a hormonal disorder common in women, which can cause the appearance of all types of symptoms that are partially disseminated. BPA inhibitors, such as BPA, can now increase or even stimulate hormonal imbalance.

For men, taking estrogen regularly from the outside, of course, is not very useful. Because estrogen is among the typical female sex hormones. Therefore, if men are in contact with BPA on a daily basis through food and personal care products, it can reduce the quality of the sperm and, therefore, its ability to produce.

In children, an excess of sex hormones leads to growth disorders, even in the uterus, so that it can lead to congenital defects, if the pregnant woman is loaded with BPA.

We have here in detail about BPA: BPA harms health. The following is a small set of potential outcomes of a chronic BPA load:

BPA can contribute to liver damage, diabetes and heart disease.
BPA can cause respiratory problems in children: BPA makes you sick
BPA can promote overweight or weight loss in adults and children.
BPA can change the duration of the menstrual cycle, even causing an early onset of menopause
BPA damages teeth: BPA causes tooth decay
BPA promotes the development of food intolerance
And much more
BPA is ubiquitous, almost nobody can afford it
The burden of BPA is now quite natural since BPA is everywhere. An analysis of data from the National Health and Nutrition Survey (NHANES), a study program to assess the health and nutrition status of the population, showed that more than 92% of the US population. UU It has measurable BPA levels.

The NHANES data also show that the risk of type 2 diabetes, peripheral arterial disease (PAD), metabolic syndrome and obesity increases with increased exposure to BPA.

Current studies, which have looked at whether the BPA load can be reduced with a conscious diet and buy BPA-free products, have not been there safely for a longer period of time. There are also some studies that have looked at how to improve health or weight after limiting exposure to BPA.

Rodel et al. For example, the researchers found that it was enough to eat fresh foods for only three days to significantly reduce blood pressure (BPA) (66%).

Satianarayana et al. On the contrary, a corresponding study was carried out in the opposite direction. They provided 10 families with prepared meals. After only 5 days, BPA levels increased significantly.

Is low BPA also a significant improvement in health? Is it easier to lose weight if you pay as little attention as possible to BPA?

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