Burns represent a great challenge for doctors

The wound dressing is effective for burns.
Burns represent a great challenge for doctors and patients when they change bandages. Especially that they change the dressings accompanied by strong pains. At the LTMG Hospital in India, banana leaves began to be used as bandages in 1994, an application that has been continuously improved in recent years.

In the first study conducted in 2003, 30 people with burns found that changing the wound dressing caused mild pain. This success is attributed to the surface of the wax, not the cornea and the banana leaf. In addition, the wounds can be well protected with the help of a bandage of banana leaves, and the healing process has been compatible.

The second study again included 30 patients who had been vaccinated Slimfast Keto for severe burns. Later, Vaseline was partially supplied with gauze and partially bandaged with wounds from the banana leaf to compare each of the comparative applications. The standards included: pain in general and pain during the change of clothes and circulation.

These materials are classified as banana leaves in all the superior aspects. In addition, the healing of the wounds was faster: with the elimination of the wound of the banana leaves, it was completed after about 8 days and with Vaseline gauze only after about 12 days. The researchers wanted to create dressings for effective and effective wounds, which are of great importance in poor countries.
An exciting report
In industrialized countries, these methods of healing must be considered decisively. So he was even a non-medical doctor. On one of his trips to Africa, Jörg Birchim witnessed how a young child was operated by a head with a traditional outdoor processor.

After the surgery, a paste was pressed on the wound and pressure bandages made from banana leaves were attached to the fibers of the banana leaves. Dr. Barsham was surprised when the child got up and returned home with his mother. But when he saw the baby the next afternoon with a new bandage on the banana leaves on his head, he could not believe what he saw: the little patient was playing ball with the other children! After about two weeks, curiosity led the practitioner back to the village to ask about the child. This was fine and the scar was well healed.

The purpose of this report is to demonstrate that traditional healing methods are based on in-depth knowledge for thousands of years and are often considered premature and obsolete. Not often, what is known as progress is actually a step back.

Banana leaf: application
If you want to use banana leaves as cut and rolled wound for mild to moderate burns and other skin irritations, you should definitely rely on organic products. It is recommended to thoroughly wash the banana leaves with running water and sterilization. In terms of sterilization, there are different approaches.

Especially when treating open wounds, you should definitely play them safely. According to studies, steam sterilization is the most effective way to sterilize banana leaves. This can be done with the help of the autoclave, that is, with a steam pressure vessel (level 3 for 15 minutes). However, the healing properties of banana leaves are preserved.

Wrap the banana over the cracked, brittle and dry skin.
Cut the ripe moussa with a lot of olive oil until obtaining a homogenous pulp mass.
Apply on the affected parts of the body as a thick pack and put a wet and warm gauze on it.
Cover the package with banana leaves or cut them and leave the package for 40 to 60 minutes.
Remove the package and rinse the skin with warm water.

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