Eat a healthy diet and little salt for high blood pressure

In high blood pressure, medications are usually prescribed immediately. However, a study published in November 2017 showed that targeted nutrition can successfully reduce blood pressure (level 1). The diet was low in salt and followed the guidelines for a diet called DASH. She was able to regulate blood pressure in people under treatment, in addition to the appropriate antihypertensive drugs, and in some cases they were better. Since the medication causes side effects, changing the diet will be the healthiest way for many affected people.

Nutritional change in hypertension: benefits


Eat a healthy diet and little salt for high blood pressure

The strength of a healthy diet is often underestimated. It would be better to prescribe medication, l. B. High blood pressure (high blood pressure). Only antihypertensive medications but it brings unpleasant side effects with them, for example. As constant cough, circulatory disorders, fatigue to heart failure.

Conversely, dietary change will not only have a positive effect on blood pressure, but may also regulate weight, cholesterol and blood sugar at the same time. The performance will increase, the digestion will be better and many chronic pains and pains will be reported suddenly. The change in diet also has many side effects, but it is always mild.

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore / United States led the issue through a randomized clinical trial. She appeared on November 12, 2017 in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

More than 400 people between the ages of 23 and 76 participated in the 12-week study. All of them suffered from a mild form of high blood pressure with systolic blood pressure between 120 and 159 mmHg and a diastolic value between 80 and 95 mmHg. None of the participants took an antihypertensive medication at the beginning of the study.

Part of the participants immediately followed the patterns of the DASH diet (see below), the control group continued to eat naturally.

A low-salt diet reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke

In addition, we studied the effects of salt on the blood pressure of subjects. Every four weeks, the salt content in the diet was modified in both groups. First, there was 2.5 g of salt daily (a low-salt diet), then 5 g of salt (corresponding to approximately one teaspoon of salt) and in the last four weeks, 7.6 g of salt.

Failure to eat more than 5 grams of salt per day significantly reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke, according to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The natural western diet, however, contains more than 7 grams.

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The higher the blood pressure, the less you can be alone with the diet

After only four weeks, the blood pressure was reduced in the participants with initially 150 or more blood pressure that made the DASH diet at 11 mm Hg. If this group also had a low salt content, their blood pressure decreased by 21 mmHg compared to the control group, which was rich in salt.

Participants with low blood pressure (less than 130 mmHg) at the beginning of the study had at least 4 mmHg in the reduction of blood pressure thanks to the Dash system. In the low salt type it was 5 mmHg.

The higher the initial blood pressure, the better the result will be thanks to a healthy diet. Therefore, one can say that a healthy diet with little salt can regulate the wonderful blood pressure. This will not reduce blood pressure as much as medications, but only to the extent that they are healthy and appropriate for the individual.

A healthy diet reduces blood pressure better than medication

“These results are really impressive,” says Dr. Steven Jurashik, assistant professor and professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. The scope of this study is only clear when you realize that the FDA allows you to lower a medication for blood pressure if you can reduce systolic blood pressure by at least 3 to 4 mmHg. The usual drugs – beta-blockers and angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors – systolic blood pressure decreased by 10 to 15 mmHg, which was significantly exceeded by the DASH diet in combination with salt reduction in our study.

Says Dr. “Our results are a great message for patients, showing how much they can benefit from a low-salt diet,” said Lawrence Apple, a professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins University.

Diet rules for Dash

The DASH diet is not difficult to maintain because it hardly contains a prohibition. Of course, alcohol, sugar, sweetened beverages, ready-to-eat products, fast foods, white flour products, sausages, fatty meats and dairy products are not part of the Dash system.

Instead, they are made from fruits, vegetables and whole grains and are supplemented with small amounts of low-fat dairy products, fish, chicken, pulses, oilseeds and nuts.

Do not stop taking blood pressure medications if you already take them. On the other hand, tell your doctor that you want to change your diet according to the DASH diet and talk to him about how to gradually withdraw the medication.

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