Eat carefully, it is easier to lose weight

Many people eat very quickly or Rapid Tone Diet carelessly. By the way, they watch television, surf the net, read or write. The food is nothing special anymore. However, if you want to lose weight, you should concentrate completely on the food during the meal. If you do not, the weight loss may fail. However, one study found that people who focus on their meals, so that they eat carefully, can lose weight more easily than those who do other things on the side.

Eat carefully, it is easier to lose weight

Eating with more mind helps you lose weight
Obesity has become a global health problem that affects more than twice as many people as in 1980. Around 1,900 million adults are overweight, including 600 million who are already obese. At the same time, more people live in areas  Rapid Tone shark tank where obesity leads to death rather than weight loss.

Being overweight not only reduces the quality of life, but also brings with it a series of health problems. For example, obesity increases the risk of mental deterioration, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and many cancers.

Not only is it important and what you eat, but also how to eat
For overweight, weight loss is an important goal that should be focused and achieved as soon as possible. It depends not only on what and how much you eat, but also on how to eat.

For example, some people can not eat without Internet, television or any other work. It is difficult for them to eat with sincerity and conscience, so that they concentrate “only” on food. But this would be reasonable, at least if you want to lose weight. Otherwise, eat very fast, do not chew carefully, but bite faster, so do not realize that it is already full and, therefore, eat a lot.

Factors that prevent weight loss
Although obesity is primarily preventable, it can be a problem when it is present, because weight loss is not always easy. It is important to consider as many pathogens as possible:

How do I feed myself? How can I change my diet?
How do I behave during the meal?
When to eat the best?
How many meals should I eat?
How often do I move?
Of course, you must also clarify the factors (go), u. U. Can prevent weight loss, like. Some diseases (such as hypothyroidism). Even some medications can hinder weight loss. More tips can be found here: Factors that can prevent weight loss

Contemplating the awakening of Buddhism
On the other hand, increasing awareness helps reduce the excess weight required more easily. To achieve this high level of consciousness, some contemplative exercises can be performed, for example, the contemplative meditation of Buddhism.

With this meditation technique, one worries about their current thoughts, feelings and feelings. All thoughts and feelings are welcome. No idea is evaluated Without feelings analyzed or questioned. Do not think badly or well One notices thoughts and feelings from a distant perspective without being recognized. They are there, nothing more than that. They have no meaning. You remain completely in the present, without the past, without the future.

This form is included in the mind of the therapeutic work of many psychologists and therapists to relax in the eighties – in the form of Jon Kabat-Zinn’s program to relieve mind-based stress established at the University of Massachusetts, where to the center Mindfulness (full focus of the mind center).

Rediscover the sense of taste and eat with gratitude
In his book, which comes to our senses, Kabat-Zinn wrote that even the most basic food can offer a wide range of taste sensations, with a focus on taste and attention.

Because many people do not even know how good a fruit can taste. Instead, everything is processed into juices, which are mixed with additional dozens of spices and other ingredients.

The flavor is also used for hot, salty, sweet or other flavors that you can no longer taste and enjoy the wonderful natural flavors of a single meal.

Even the salad without clothes is unimaginable to most people, which means no one knows well. For example, the taste of lettuce or lettuce with good taste if you eat alone, chew well, and be grateful for a wonderful meal as you can grow and your loved ones Asqlh very carefully.

At the same time, consciousness of the body arises. One no longer wants to torture him and feeds him with unhealthy foods, but he only wants to eat healthy foods that will soothe and heal them instead of overloading them.

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