Extend the telomeres and rejuvenate

Extend the telomeres and rejuvenate them through nutrition.
Can a plant based on a proper diet rejuvenate the cells? Dr. Blackburn wanted to discover and reconsider some of the issues in a follow-up in 2013. Ten men have been eating healthy and living for five years. The control group consisted of 25 men who had regular meals and rarely had relaxation and exercise techniques in their daily lives.

One would expect that the telomeres have now reduced what was in the control group that remained with their “old” diet (ie, meat, flour extract, sugar, donkey, etc.) in fact, the case. Their telomeres are now shorter than expected.

The telomeres were not only those that joined the healthy lifestyle, but also grew. It could be extended, what was previously considered unlikely. On average, their telomeres were longer than the time of the first exam five years ago.  Trialix His cells were not only younger, but, in fact, renewed. Healthy and vegetarian diet can reflect the aging process.

Anti-aging: Diet accused!
But what role did physical activity and relaxation techniques play in revitalization? Is not it possible that sports or meditation alone can make telomeres grow? This may nullify the prevalence, since other studies have already shown that neither training nor relaxation until weight loss or calorie restriction lead to lengthening telomeres. The impact of youthful regeneration can, therefore, be directly attributed to a healthy and vegetarian diet.

The researchers concluded that this study showed a significant relationship between plant-based nutrition and telomere length. However, due to the small size of the study, larger and more randomized studies are needed.

However, the results are consistent with other studies, for example. B. It turns out that eating large amounts of aged carotenoids is slow and renewing our cells, as we described earlier: Carotenoids, and younger!

So expand the telomeres and stay young for a long time!
How you can benefit from these results, we summarize here for you. With the following measures, you can, according to the study provided, extend your telomeres and, therefore, stay young and energetic for longer:

First of all: eat healthy, healthy and herbal foods. Combine fruits, vegetables, whole trialix Canada grains, mushrooms and legumes such as chickpeas, lentils and beans in your diet as much as possible. This not only slows down the aging process, it also reduces the risk of lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and more.
Avoid processed foods, as well as meat, dairy products and white flour products. Very processed foods like. Our lemon juice also allows us to age faster. Meat and dairy products can also be harmful to health, increase the risk of cancer, as well as the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
Move moderately, but if possible, daily. Instead of driving everywhere, it is better to plan for a longer distance. When performing a stable activity, you should pay special attention to exercise, as sitting often accelerates the aging process.
We live in a difficult time, where one can hardly avoid stress. Then, learn to manage stress better. Good choices include yoga, Tai Chi, meditation and gradual muscle relaxation or breathing exercises.
Of course, you can also consider all other aspects of a healthy lifestyle, exercise outdoors, sleep properly with an open window, improve your supply of vital substances (vitamin D, vitamin B12, vitamin K2, magnesium, for example , just examples). Few of the nutrients normally present are deficient to perform, regular detoxification procedures, etc.

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