For more fiber, less pain in the current mess.

For more fiber, less pain in the current mess.
The extent to which dietary fiber content may also affect arthritis of the disease has also been investigated. It was found that high fiber intake reduces the risk of worsening osteoporosis. For those people who eat a lot of fiber, the pain of arthritis is rarely exacerbated. It does not matter what sources of fiber come from, be it whole grains or other fiber-rich foods.

Fiber in foods and dietary supplements.
Very good sources of fiber, nuts, legumes, fruits, whole grains and vegetables. Foods of animal origin (meat, fish, eggs, dairy products) are almost completely free of fiber in most cases. Baked goods and pasta made from flour (white flour) are rich in starch but low in fiber and, therefore, are not suitable for fiber supply.

Dietary supplements can also be used to increase the amount of fiber daily. In general, it is recommended to eat at least 30 grams of fiber per day, something that can not always be easily achieved only with food. Dietary supplementsĀ Gethealthyfreedom rich in fiber include psyllium husk powder, which is more than 85 percent of the fiber with high fiber content.

Even oat bran and coconut fiber are fiber-rich foods, just konjak or Konjaknudeln. Of course, flax seeds and Xia – ideally crushed or crushed and always carried with a lot of sources of liquid fiber – good.

You can also find information about fiber and its other health effects here: Protect fiber against lung diseases, where you will also find a table with your own foods and fiber content.

Integral measures for arthritis.
The most complete procedures that help in the treatment of arthritis are summarized here:

Osteoporosis – comprehensive measures
Food supplement for osteoporosis.
An ideal dietary plan for osteoarthritis can be found here: Diet plan for osteoarthritis
To show:
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Hair dyes increase the risk of breast and bladder cancer

Hair dyes generally contain a variety of chemicals of different colors. Part of it is harmful, something carcinogenic. No wonder, especially hairdressers who work with hair dyes and other chemicals every day, but also people who dye their hair once a month, have an increased risk of bladder cancer. In a study conducted in June 2017, it was discovered that the risk of breast cancer could also increase with frequent hair coloring.

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