Health profitability: some US hospitals cost 1000%

The health industry is an important market where consumers can not compare stores. A patient in a hospital bed, for example, has few options as to how much he spends on caring. Now, a new study of hospital costs has found that the 50 hospitals in the United States with the highest price prices charge patients more than 10 times what Medicare allows.
Medical accounts
Researchers say that 50 of the highest price tags are Super Keto imposed on patients more than 10 times what Medicare allows.
Published in the June issue of the Journal of Health Affairs – Study, Professor Gerard F. Anderson directed, from the Bloomberg Public Health School of Johns Hopkins University, and Ge Bai, from the University of Washington and Lee.

They say that their findings show how unregulated hospital fees and competition in the market are driving prices, affecting almost all consumers, whether they are insured or not.

In general, the team detected more than 1,000% coding for the same medical services covered by the Medicare program.

“There is no justification for these outrageous fees,” says Professor Anderson, “but nobody says hospitals can not be charged.” In general, there is no regulation of hospital fees and there are no market forces that force hospitals to lower their prices.

He adds that hospitals impose these fees “simply because they can.”

“The best hospital players to make a profit in the price manipulation game”
To carry out this study, the 2012 team reviewed the medical cost reports from the medical care and medical services centers and provided a cost-per-charge relationship, which indicates to what extent hospitals mark as many of these charges behind which covers medical care.

The researchers found that not only 50 hospitals charged, on average, 10 times the cost of medical care allowed, but the typical hospital rate of EE. UU It was approximately 3.4 times greater than the cost of medical care allowed in 2012.

For example, when the hospital has $ 100 of the costs that Medicare allows, it charges $ 340. One of the 50 best hospitals in the study will receive $ 1,000. Of the 50 hospitals with the highest scores, researchers say 49 are profit-oriented hospitals, 46 of which are owned by profitable health systems.

Specifically, Community Health Systems, Inc., A for-profit health system, 25 of these 50 hospitals. At the same time, the American Hospital Association is working more than 25% of them. In addition, there are 20 of 50 hospitals in Florida.

“It seems that profit-oriented hospitals are the best players in the price manipulation game,” says Bai. “They represent only 30 percent of hospitals in the United States, but they represent 98 percent of the top 50 hospitals with the highest scores.”

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