Healthy intestine prolongs life

The condition of the intestinal flora determines the age we have. For those who have intestinal flora, such as those who are thirty years old, you do not have to worry about their health. A Canadian study found that older people who have a particularly good health condition have intestinal flora of healthy young people. Therefore, by creating plants and healthy lifestyles for flora and diet, this can be the key to a long and healthy life.

Healthy intestine prolongs life


It has been known for a long time that it has a serious effect on the formation of intestinal flora in health. Whether diabetes, autoimmune diseases, depression, obesity or poor eyes, the intestinal flora is always involved in the development of the corresponding disease. If the healthy intestinal flora can lead to a longer and healthier life at the same time, this is not surprising, it is simply a logical conclusion from previous research.

He wanted Greg Bloom, professor of medicine and dentistry HULC College of the University of Western Ontario Caneadea learn more and brought him with a statement Gauri (lead author) of Tian Yi Institute of Health Sciences in Zhenjiang, China, a similar study before. Published in September 2017 in the mSphere magazine.

Healthy older people have the same intestinal plants as healthy young people
The scientists analyzed intestinal plants for more than 1,000 people between 3 and 100 years old, all in excellent health. Otherwise, they should not have participated. Therefore, people with any disease are not allowed, even in their families there may be patients.

Participants did not smoke, did not drink alcohol, did not suffer mood swings and did not take drugs or antibiotics in the three months before the study. In their families, there were no cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal complaints or neurological diseases.

It was found that the intestinal flora for older healthy adults is similar to that of healthy participants, but smaller contracts. In less than twenty years, one can recognize the various intestinal plants in part, but between the ages of 30 and 100, the intestinal flora of healthy people was often identical.
Are some intestinal plants the cause of aging health?
“Our goal now is to carry out adequate to determine the intestinal flora in medical practices diagnostic procedures.The next step is to return the plant to a healthy state with a proper probiotic nutrition recipe,” said the co-author of the study, Gregor Reid, professor at the HULC School of Medicine and Dentistry of the University of the West and the world At the Institute of Lausanne for Health Research.

Of course, the study can not prove causality. Professor Reid says: “The question is, if you can apply it in a healthy lifestyle for life, and then you have a healthy intestinal flora or if the intestinal flora in fact makes healthy aging possible work.”

It does not matter that. The relationship between the intestines and good health can not be denied until aging. Professor Gluer believes that intestinal flora is a vital indicator of the quality of aging, just as cholesterol levels are used as a vital indicator of cardiovascular disease.

Healthy and long life: analysis of intestinal flora and construction of healthy intestinal flora
Professor Reid believes that healthy people can help them learn what to do so they can heal patients. Therefore, if healthy elderly part of the intestinal flora, which are also found in healthy young adults, but not in patients, then it should include all the real diagnosis of intestinal plant analyzes and all therapeutic procedures restore the intestinal flora sick in the infectious healthy intestinal flora.

There are already possibilities of examining a case of intestinal flora. Talk to your doctor or alternative practitioner! Or ask for a bowel test intravenously, which you can do at home. To do this, he will take a sample of the stool and send it to the laboratory specified in the test instructions. Within a few business days, you will receive the result by mail or you can retrieve it online.

How the intestinal flora can be positively affected, has already been described here: the structure of the intestinal flora – instructions

The establishment of a healthy intestinal flora is also one of the main objectives of intestinal cleansing: colon cleansing: instructions

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