Is coconut oil more dangerous than lard

Is coconut oil more dangerous than lard?
“Coconut oil is more dangerous to you than lard, and you will agree that pork is not healthy, we all know,” said Michels.

Just because “everyone” thinks they know something, it seems true. A wonderful view of a world.

“Why is it worse than lard, because it contains more saturated fat, which means it has almost no essential fatty acids, meaning the fatty acids we really need, but saturated fatty acids are almost exclusively.”

This remains the only explanation throughout the conference about the cause of the damage of coconut oil. How is this statement evaluated?

The level of essential fatty acids does not determine whether the food is good or bad.
The essential fatty acids are fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids) that the body can not produce by itself and, therefore, must be ingested with food. However, if the food does not contain essential fatty acids, it does not harm automatically because it may have other benefits, and we also have many other sources of fat in our diet that can provide essential fatty acids.

However, with coconut oil (for frying because it is highly resistant to heat), oils containing essential fatty acids have lost nothing, since they can not be heated and can become harmful substances.

Saturated fat is not the same as saturated fat
If the quality of the fat is determined exclusively on the content of saturated fatty acids, the coconut oil is, of course, worse than the fat, because it contains more saturated fatty acids.

As an expert in nutrition, however, it is known that there are several saturated fatty acids, which have very different properties and are also metabolized differently in the body. So you can not put all the fat that Retro Vigor contains the saturated fat in the pot, but what Mrs. Michelles does.

For example, comparing coconut oil and lard (see our tables) shows how much fat differs from two, although both are saturated fats.

In general, the subject is very complex and certainly not, as in the present conference, to deal with in eight minutes, at least not if you want to “present the truth based on the data” to your listeners.

Do saturated fatty acids lead to safe cardiac death?
“The greater the amount of coconut oil, the more blocked coronary vessels, the greater the risk of a heart attack.” Coconut oil is pure toxin.

None of these terms is human, not even animal. More on this now.

Then he accuses organic food stores and health food companies of being ignorant or greedy for profit (because they contain coconut oil on display), before using the American Heart Association’s statement so he does not think. American Heart Association (“American Heart Association”) “A few weeks ago, I finally issued a statement that I should not eat coconut oil.”

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