Leave the banana in the kitchen

As mentioned above, banana leaves can replace aluminum foil, which has been criticized ever since, when it comes to cooking, cooking, steaming or baking, foods wrapped in food. Banana leaves make a very healthy food possible, since they do not cause ingredients and, therefore, the flavor of the food turns into steam or cooking water. The food is still juicy in particular and also acquires the special smell of banana leaves.

In Asian cuisine, fruits such as bananas, rice and fish are often fed on decorative leaves. It brings banana leaf curry in South India and in the rice cakes of the Philippines it is called suman cabbage in banana leaves it is very popular.

In the Indonesian style of Pepsi, all kinds of ingredients, such as rice, mushrooms, fish or tofu, are filled with banana leaves and then steamed or cooked over a fire. The dishes are always served with a combination of herbs and spices such as chili, ginger, tamarind and lemongrass.

In Latin American countries, along with rice, meat is cooked with vegetables in banana leaves. Then z. B. Nacatamal – a dish from Nicaragua – pork, rice, sliced ​​potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, onions, garlic, olives, peppers and mint.  slimfast keto Delicious traditional dishes can also be served in the form of vegetarian meat. B. Chickpeas or tofu is replaced. Alufoil is no longer necessary if you have banana leaves by hand.

How are the banana leaf packages made?
There are a variety of styles that you can teach yourself with a little skill and exercise. The packages can be closed with pork green rice, but also with chopsticks or kitchen thread. Videos on YouTube can be very useful as illustrations. If the leaves are very stable, they should be heated with a little hot water for a short time. This makes it smoother and easier to navigate.

Banana leaves – recipe: Lontong
Lontong is a compressed rice wrapped in banana leaves, which is served as an accompaniment or snack, especially in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. There are different types of preparation. The visual advantage is that the rice acquires a greenish color.

Ingredients: (garnish for 4 to 6 people):
4 banana leaves (around 50 cm)
400 g of basmati rice
Wash the banana leaves carefully under running water, pour them in hot water if necessary and dry them with a cloth.
Place the rice in the sieve, wash it and drain.
Now wrap approximately 100 grams of rice in each banana leaf so that the cylindrical beams form.
Close the ends well, z. B with kitchen thread.
Bring the salt water to a boil in a bowl, put the rice packs and cook over medium heat for 2 to 3 hours. Check periodically if water is needed.
But you can also gently push the stringer, as is usual in Thailand, in a bamboo steam basket or in a steam pot.
Let the rice cool well before serving.
Depending on your preferences, lontong can be used as a garnish with other dishes such as: vegetables such as carrots, beans, aubergines and lentils combine and combine very well with spicy foods.

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