McDonalds: from animal to hamburger

McDonald’s company
When you think of junk food, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe it’s McDonald’s. Every day, 64 million customers visit one of McDonald’s 32737 restaurants, which now extends to 117 countries. McDonald’s is not only the largest fast food chain in the world, but also the largest buyer of meat and perhaps one of the biggest influenders in our global society – read for yourself …

McDonalds: from animal to hamburger

McDonald’s success story
McDonald’s success story began in 1940 in California, when brothers Mac and Dick MacDonald opened the first McDonald’s restaurant. McDonald’s is known for its own way of cooking and self-service.

Finally, in 1954, the bases for McDonald’s spread lay when Ray Kroc, a salesman at the age of 52, visited the McDonald brothers. I was fascinated by the idea of ​​McDonald’s and suggested that the brothers do business with him and open many McDonald’s restaurants.

After ten years, there were more than 700 restaurants in the United States alone. McDonald’s has become more successful internationally and has reached its highest level: at the pinnacle of globalization. Today, McDonald’s is the largest fast food chain in the world. But when there is light, there is shadow …

No one who reads this success story of the company may wonder if McDonald’s is using fair and legal means to succeed. We want to take a look behind the scenes of M`s Gold.

As we mentioned earlier, McDonald’s is the largest buyer of meat in the United States. But where do the large quantities of meat that McDonald needs to feed 64 million mouths a day come from? In the United States, McDonald’s confirms that this meat is not native to South America, where rainforests are cleaned to provide grazing land for animals. But there are witnesses who claim the opposite:

Truck drivers and workers at a meat processing plant in San Jose have commented. They confirmed that McDonald’s buys meat in South America. Edmund Brand, who works for German development aid, is also convinced.

Then, when McDonald’s gets the meat from South America, the company will bear huge debts for deforestation and destroy our environment. After all, 80% of the clean area is used as a livestock feeder.

José Lutzenberger, a recognized environmentalist in Latin America, confirms this. A McDonald manager wanted to make Lutzenberger say that McDonald’s was not responsible for the destruction, but Lutzenberger did not agree.

In Germany, it seems that it is in America. Consumers do not know where the meat they eat comes from. Instead, they are repeatedly presented with lies about advertising. A customer cheated so McDonalds knew exactly what meat comes from the farm. The ad shows the farmers on their dream farm, McDonalds supposedly provides healthy and fresh ingredients. Is the production of meat as transparent as advertised?

McDonald’s is actually getting its meat from the Esca solution, which hides the OSI range. These companies do not provide any information about the source of the meat. You will not find anything on your website and you will not get any response to your emails. suspects they are receiving meat from abroad. Then one does not know exactly where the meat comes from and if the animals live in an adequate position for the species.

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