Sports for the prevention of depression

Difficult to treat for depression, medications with side effects are not the solution. Sports can help tremendously here. As we now know, not only in the treatment but also in the prevention. Researchers at the University of New South Wales discovered in October 2017 that what appeared to be one exercise per week was enough to prevent depression. According to the researchers, the regularity of exercise is more important than the intensity of physical activity.

Sports for the prevention of depression


In your home, the roof falls quickly on your head, especially when there is no reason to leave the house. But sports are a very good occasion. Ideally, you will meet people with similar thoughts for jogging, walking, walking or training. In a very short time the dark thoughts and the always dangerous development of depression have disappeared.

This is exactly what the researchers at the University of New South Wales came to at the beginning of October 2017. Their study was published in the American Journal of Psychiatry. In it, they explain that even a small sport can protect against depression and improve mental health dramatically, regardless of whether the man or woman is regardless of their age.

One hour of sport shows weekly protective effects
The most comprehensive and comprehensive study on this topic was the North Trondelag County health study, also known as HUNT. Nearly 34,000 Norwegian adults have been involved for more than 11 years. Twelve percent of all cases of depression could be prevented if those affected had at least one hour of exercise per week, regardless of whether the exercise was intense or less intense.

Other potential effects on the risk of depression in the study were studied, such as: B. BMI, physical illness, family status or social status, etc.

Sports: important in the treatment and prevention
“For the first time, we have been able to demonstrate the protective capacities of physical activity and determine the need to reduce exercise.” Professor Samuel Harvey said: “It is likely to get depressed.” .

“Our findings are interesting because they show that taking the time to do physical exercise requires little time, just one hour a week, to provide great protection against depression.”

Without sports: 44% more risk of depression
Professor Harvey says that those who do not have athletic ambitions are 44 percent more likely to be depressed than people who exercise one to two hours a week.

“While we try to discover why sport has this protective effect, we suspect that it is the common effect of the various physical and social benefits that sports often provide.”

Unfortunately, it turned out that one hour of exercise per week is not enough to prevent anxiety. Maybe the movement should be a bit more, because up to an hour of daily exercise is usually easy to perform.

Stable lifestyle: cause of depression
According to a large survey in Australia (Australian Health Survey), 20% of Australian adults categorically reject sports, and more than a third spend less than 1.5 hours per week in the exercise. In light of the results of the previous study, it is not surprising that about one million Australians suffer from depression, and every year one in five (between 16 and 85 years) receives a diagnosis of mental disorder.

“We discovered that the beneficial effects of exercise on oneself can already be seen in the first hour of the week,” explains Professor Harvey. “However, with the increasingly stable lifestyle increasing, the number of people with depression is increasing, we must realize that even simple lifestyle changes can bring significant benefits to oneself.”
Sport must be integrated into the prevention and treatment of depression
“Therefore, sport in every single health program must be integrated into mental health problems, but it should be specifically mentioned and recommended in public campaigns for prevention and treatment of depression, because if we can make the population move a bit more, But also physical well-being. ”

Also in 2017, a study showed that diet can improve depression. Here we report: Diet Therapy for Depression Here: Nutrition Tips for Depression

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