Sweet potatoes: in the past you only found them in a plate of vegetarians

Sweet potatoes: in the past you only found them in a plate of vegetarians, and now they are in the shopping cart with all the Belgians. Compared to four years ago, there is twice what is on the table. But the sweet potatoes are not only delicious, they are also very nutritious and offer many benefits for your health.
1. They are a good source of vitamin A and C …
Both vitamin A and C of the nutrients are very important for your immune system, since they prevent coughs and flu during the winter. Part of the baked potato provides almost half the daily requirement of vitamin C and 400% (!) Of your recommended daily amount of vitamin A. In addition, SafewithSmartfood latter also retains your skin, vision function and the device in large shape.

2. … and many nutrients
Sweet potatoes not only contain vitamins A and C, but also manganese, a metal that helps produce collagen to keep your baby’s skin, growth and bones healthy. In addition, there are also different types of vitamin B and other minerals.

3. They are powerful antioxidants.
Vitamin A and C also act as antioxidants that protect cells against disease and aging. Do you suspect the alternative orange or purple? Then choose the last one. The pigment that gives the potatoes their beautiful purple color has more specific antioxidant properties.

4. It works anti-inflammatory.
Inflammation and inflammation that are not monitored increase the risk of almost all chronic diseases such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer. It has been shown that sweet potatoes, although in animals, reduce inflammation naturally. Another reason to invoke this sensitivity is often on your plate.

5. They do not cause peaks in the blood sugar level.
The peaks in blood sugar levels can make you feel drowsy and hungry (think of an afternoon splash known with chocolate cravings), but in the long run it also increases the risk of type 2 diabetes. many other foods, such as noodles and sugary snacks. Sweet potatoes do not cause your blood sugar levels to rise. Because they are rich in fiber, they digest slowly and increase blood sugar more quickly.

6. Keep your blood pressure under control
In a meal of 250 grams of sweet potato baked with the peel, about 825 grams of potassium are present, the same as two small bananas. Potassium helps regulate fluid balance and prevents the improved effect of blood salt, which lowers blood pressure and reduces the load on your heart.

7. It can help you lose weight.
Approximately 12% of the starch in the sweet potato is resistant to starch, filler, fibrous material that does not dig or suck your body. More and more research shows that resistant starch increases saturation and burns fat. In other words, you eat less, but you burn more. Win win

Is there water in your mouth already? We already have some dishes, so you can work in the kitchen with sweet potatoes tonight. Good taste

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