Swing in the office – perfect for boats

Swing in the office – perfect for boats
The mini trampoline is ideal for offices, of course. Because nothing is worse for your health than permanent inertia. Then, get up from time to time, buy the trampoline, swing a little and go back to the renewed work place.

Training the trampoline is a blessing for the blood vessels. Because he knows that the function of the blood vessels has actually diminished after an hour of sitting in the middle (the details here: a long session makes him sick).

However, those who regularly go to a treadmill or on a trampoline (or go for a walk) can, every hour for five minutes, keep the functions of the blood vessels unchanged. Muscle activity is also activated, improves blood circulation and then the person receives much better oxygen.

To reduce stress
Sports and exercise are the best ways to reduce stress. At the same time, regular exercise reduces exposure to stress. So that it becomes more flexible and can not be distracted with all the details. Depression can be corrected through sports, since the movement leads to the release of endorphins. These are the fabrics that make you happy and charming. But who goes to the gym or jogs in the jungle during depression or tension?

The trampoline is very useful here. Because you only need to take off your shoes and feet and jump on the trampoline. The first obstacle is already done and you can feel yourself in a few minutes, how to feel lighter,  rapid trim 247  more alive, relaxed and calm.

However, trampoline training is not suitable for the time before bedtime. Because he is comfortable and relaxed, but at the same time mental and vital alert, it is not perfect at bedtime.

The swing on the mat is as effective as running
In the Journal of Applied Physiology, researchers wrote in the early 1980s that trampoline training was as effective as running. However, in this investigation jumps were used, which are not the same as simple swings on the trampoline.

In another study, this time in 1990, trampoline training was also found, although the effects are very similar, but not as good as jogging. In general, however, the benefits of trampoline training surpass. Just think of joint relief! The maximum oxygen concentration after trampoline training was 76 percent (the concentration of oxygen after training on a treadmill (which was considered a guide)). After jogging, 80 percent was achieved, so the difference was minimal. In addition, only some parameters have been verified. The general effect of training here was ignored.

Also in 2002, a study conducted in the USA. UU He confirmed that recovery (swing in the trampoline) can replace the training in the race because it greatly improves the physical condition and can also help to lose weight.

A 2016 Turkish study also examined whether the trampoline could have a better effect than jogging. That is why young people in their first twenty years trained on a trampoline for more than 8 weeks or ran. The maximum oxygen capacity after the end of the test period was significantly greater for the trampoline group than for the work group. In terms of fat and body weight, no significant differences are found, which means that trampoline training can help you lose weight and run.

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