The best dumbbell exercises for women (+ exercises with higher dumbbells)

Free weights, in this case, weights, appeared Climadex on the scene as an essential part of the physical condition and initial strength training of ancient Greece and similarly in India. Even then, athletes and coaches realized the importance of strength and strength for their performance, and saw a wide range of benefits in the use of this type of equipment.

It advanced rapidly until the seventeenth century when dumbbells were formed, as we know them today. The dumbbell seems iron, only on a smaller scale and more portable. The diversity, mobility and accessibility of the dumbbell make it a favorite team for individual and group gymnastics classes.

We see the use of weights in bodybuilding, crossfit, kickboxing and barre classes and similarly in Strongman contests. These fitness modes are aware of what the ancient Greeks did about dumbbell exercises, which are useful for developing strength and brute force, creating balance between the right and left sides of the body, and that the use of weights can be so Effective as training with an iron bar. .

What are the best dumbbell exercises for women? What are the best dumbbell exercises in general?

Benefits of weights
So, what are the benefits of using weights? This list, although not exhausted, identifies the first six benefits of the use of free weight during the exercise.

1. The weights are friendly for beginners

A variety of rigid dumbbell movements, such as bicep wrists, shoulder presses, curved lines and wrists, along with a variety of available dumbbell weights, makes working with weights accessible to any athlete. With a small set of weights, you can create hard workouts for beginners at home.

2. The weights can be used for a variety of exercises

This is one of the best reasons to start working with weights. The library of dumbbell exercises is extensive and includes virtually no movement of body weight and movement of iron. For example, if you have an exercise called 50 squatting, 25 exercises and 10 fights, you can squat with the weights on your shoulders, a sticky line for your stressors and fight for my burpee. A few adjustments and this body exercise becomes more challenging.

3. One-sided training

Unlike iron training, dumbbell exercises give you the opportunity to work unilaterally, which means one arm or one man at a time. With this type of training, you probably create a balance of power between the right and left sides of the body. (1) We all have a dominant side, and because of this, spending time strengthening the noncontrolling side means an increase in general strength.

4. Increase the coordination between your mind and your muscles

The balance and consistency necessary for many dumbbell exercises creates a scenario in which your mind and body must work together to perform these movements well. This improves not only your physical ability but also your mental ability. (2)

5. Beat weights weight machines

The machines of power or weight are made for ordinary people, so although some adjustments can be made often, people with longer or shorter arms, for example, can be injured by using improper mounting machines. In addition, many machines allow their dominant side to take more weight, such as a chest device. On the contrary, Dumbbell follows the natural biomechanics of your body (reducing the risk of injury). As mentioned above, you are trained unilaterally.

6. Can be used in a wide range of exercises and for almost any muscle group

There is no other exercise equipment in the home. I recommend more than a set of weights … or one of these diverse types. You can train each muscle group with the dumbbell, the chest, the back, the shoulders, the triceps, the biceps, the glutes, the quadriceps, the hamstrings and the calves.

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