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The TSH value in the “normal” range (0.3-4.2) that the thyroid contains is considered healthy by doctors and does not perform any other action. However, the result can be complicated, because the standard values ​​can be too high. Therefore, the TSH value for more than 1.0 may indicate hypothyroidism. Read more here: Thyroid disease here: Hypothyroidism

2. Hormonal imbalances prevent fat loss.
In addition to the thyroid problems, other hormonal disorders can play an important role in the development of obesity and the complexity of weight reduction required by those interested is enormous. The balanced hormone level alone, in addition to many other health effects, also guarantees an optimal distribution of fat reserves.

The maldistribution of fat often occurs in the form of Keto Viante excessive accumulation of fat cells in the buttocks or abdomen. This may be due to an excess or deficiency of estrogen or progesterone or testosterone.

Testosterone also allows the release of body fat (especially in the abdominal area), so that it can be disarmed. If the level of testosterone is too low, the loss of fat will be drastically reduced.
Progesterone stimulates metabolism, supports the burning of fat and maintains insulin levels at a healthy level. Therefore, progesterone deficiency is usually accompanied by an excess of insulin, in which hyperthyroidism can occur (high insulin levels). Finally, this development contributes to obesity, such as changes in metabolism due to deficiency and low fat burning.
The dominance of estrogen causes the body to form fat cells and increase water retention. In addition, the dominance of estrogen affects the production of thyroid hormones. All these factors make weight loss very difficult.
Being overweight is not necessarily the result of excessive appetite, but it is often due to a hormonal imbalance.

Therefore, the level of balanced hormone is of great importance when weight loss is successful in the end.

Hormonal deficiency can be determined by the doctor. But there is also the possibility of performing a hormonal-saliva test online.

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