Vibration and jump training improves the oxygen supply.

Vibration and jump training improves the oxygen supply.
So the swing on the trampoline clearly improves the oxidation of the body. There is also talk of this so-called cardiorespiratory condition.

Cardiovascular fitness is the ability of the person to breathe and the blood to supply oxygen to the body. The more a person’s breathing capacity is trained, the better, for example, is protection against fatal cardiac events.

In a study commissioned by the American Board of Practice (ACE), the question was whether the rebound could meet the guidelines of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). ACSM is the largest sports medicine and sports science organization in the world.

The values ​​measured in a study of a total of 24 adults were very convincing after training with trampolines. Trampoline training is now considered an effective form of training recommended by ACSM, as it complies with the methodological training standards that improve the performance of cardiovascular training and contribute to weight loss. .

For example, the maximum heart rate during exercise, the maximum oxygen intake and the calorie intake were measured. In addition, participants reported that the training did not feel as exhausting as it was, and it was also fun. In addition, it improves balance and spatial awareness.

The general condition of the chronic disease is improving.
Even with serious chronic diseases, the trampoline can be very useful, for example. In cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease. Here the secretions of the body are difficult and sticky. It no longer flows completely, z. B. From the lung privy farms keto and clogs there are fine bronchial branches. As a result, dysfunctions and, often, bacterial infections in the respiratory tract occur. At the same time, of course, the patient can not breathe well and, therefore, does not receive oxygen.

Six girls and boys, 11.5 years of age and all with cystic fibrosis, should exercise on the trampoline for eight weeks (109 minutes per week). Then, children can improve the maximum absorption of oxygen (the amount of oxygen that the body can use under load), so it can also include the trampoline in the treatment, especially to train the young patient in a very funny way and, therefore, it offers a positive change.

Trampoline train and its benefits.
Compared to other sports and sports equipment, the trampoline game has many advantages, which we summarize below:

Trampoline training without stress in joints and without overload of ligaments and tendons.
The trampoline is trained by alternating muscle tension and relaxation.
Training the trampoline increases muscle activity and metabolism by gently massaging the cells.
The trampoline is detoxified by increasing the lymphatic flow.
The trampoline strengthens the vertebral discs, joints and bones.
Trampoline training releases auto endorphins and makes you happy.
Trampoline training allows most muscles to work at the same time, promoting fat burning and promoting weight loss.
The trampoline can effectively train the heart and blood vessels without straining the joints.
The trampoline is an excellent way to train balance and coordination.
The trampoline improves movement in a few days.
The trampoline leads to total relaxation.
The trampoline strengthens the spine.
Trampoline training is very fun!
Training the trampoline improves the quality of blood, blood flow, blood pressure and blood lipid levels. Like any other form of exercise, it also helps regulate blood sugar levels. All these effects, in turn, are excellent for the prevention of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases (atherosclerosis, thrombosis, heart attacks, strokes, etc.).
Trampoline training improves mental functioning, because, of course, the brain receives better blood, nutrients and oxygen.
If you want to improve the training effect on the trampoline, you can attach the weight bracelets to your arms or feet.

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