Vitamin D3 inhibits NF-kB activity

3. Vitamin D3 inhibits NF-kB activity
Vitamin D3 and cortisol (cortisone in the body) are two of the most important adjuvants that support the inhibition of NF and B and, therefore, contribute to the fact that the effects in the body due to their activation can be calmed again .

As demonstrated by the importance of this vitamin D3 in this context, the fact that the body fills the enzyme activates vitamin D3 at the same time as the activation of NF-kB. To activate enough vitamin D3 in this case, vitamin D3 must be sufficient in the body. Therefore, an adequate supply of vitamin D3 is necessary to protect against excessive activation of NF-kB.

Vitamin D3 generally has an anti-inflammatory effect, since it can inhibit the production of inflammatory agents and significantly reduce its effect. But even this crucial feature requires a sufficiently full supply of vitamin D, which unfortunately rarely happens in the latitudes of Central Europe, because most people suffer from a chronic vitamin D deficiency.

You can find more information about the effect of vitamin D3 here: the effect of ultraviolet light and a high dose of vitamin D3.

Cortisone therapy does not determine the cause of the inflammation.
Industrial cortisone is often used in chronic inflammatory processes keto burn 1250 in traditional medicine. However, this leads to a significant reduction in the production of cortisol in the body. Although synthetic cortisone inhibits symptoms associated with inflammation, it can not treat the body because it does not take into account the cause of inflammation, the oxidative stress of the cell associated with the lack of antioxidants.

In addition, the long-term use of cortisone has serious side effects. As a result, the mucous membranes and skin become thinner over time. Many patients are particularly heavy on the face (face of the full moon), are overweight, have diabetes and / or develop osteoporosis, some of the possible side effects of cortisone therapy, so there may be much more besides that .

The only side effect that is rarely mentioned, but felt by the people most affected is the loss of sexual desire and strength in cortisone treatments, which in addition to other health problems typical of aging, cause sex in old age be more difficult than ever.

4. Healthy lifestyle: stay active now!
In addition to the three specific anti-inflammatory measures mentioned above (avoid cell stress, improve supplies of antioxidants and vitamin D3), ensure a healthy and comprehensive lifestyle that can achieve all three objectives more easily:

Generally it feels good health and balanced. Eat the smallest possible portions and always pay attention to the good quality when buying your food. Dispensing of finished products. Traditional pesticides in traditional foods also produce large amounts of free radicals in the body, as do chemical additives in finished products.
Take your last meal at 7 p.m. at the latest.
Drink plenty of water throughout the day, as it protects your cells from dehydration and helps your body eliminate acids and toxins through urine. In general, the lack of water in the body makes you older and sicker.
Enjoy a short solarium (maximum 20 minutes) as much as possible. With the help of sunlight, your body forms the important vitamin D (see above). On sunny days, you should take vitamin D as a dietary supplement.
Exercise regularly, but do not overdo it. Only moderate exercises that do not hit your body keep you small and healthy.
Challenge your brain as much as possible. Running regularly in your brain keeps you mentally young.
Avoid people and situations that stress you. If this does not work enough, try to interact more relaxed with people or situations in general, because stress, anger and anxiety make them older and sicker.
Ensure sufficient time for sleep and comfort.
A balanced family and a love life also significantly slow down the aging process.
Take a break from time to time and enjoy the things that give you pleasure.
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