Vitamin deficiency: Does it cause hair loss?

Vitamin deficiency: Does it cause hair loss?

Healthy hair is synonymous with vitality and attractiveness. If suddenly more hair comes out than normal, this can be for many reasons. Our hair follicles consist of the most dissected cells in the body. The high metabolism depends on the nutrients, vitamins and oligoelements. Lack of vitamin can cause hair loss easily. However, the more balanced the diet, the better the supply of vitamins, the deficiencies of vitamins will be less likely and the fastest way of hair loss.

Vitamin deficiency increases the risk of hair loss
Everything is fine and suddenly hair loss. The blood test turns out to be so wonderful and the doctor says: You’re perfectly healthy.

Your hair keeps falling. You will not find your vitamin deficiency. No one is looking for vitamin deficiency. But how is vitamin deficiency related to hair loss?

Vitamin deficiency can lead to hair loss
If the hair fails, the root of the hair on the scalp usually remains and the hair grows back. The hair is constantly renewed and the loss is lost in secret.

If you talk about hair loss, more hair will fall and hair will grow with rage after  Keto Blast  only a few seconds. The volume of hair decreases as a result.

There are different forms of hair loss. For example, a distinction is made between hair loss related to the plant (genetic baldness), circular hair loss (alopecia) and diffuse hair loss (common alopecia).

The causes of hair loss include thyroid disease, side effects of medications, hormonal imbalances, skin diseases, chemotherapy or mental stress.

If there is a lack of vitamins behind hair loss, increasing the amount of nutrients (through a surplus diet rich in nutrients or through specific dietary supplements) can help the hair jump again.

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